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This page shows some of the different styles of Brooms and there evolution.  This is the history as I learned it and there may be other versions.

 Round Broom




This is the first style of broom that would have been made from broom corn.  It is called a Round Broom, made up of a couple of layers of broom corn.  The inside layer is held in place with wire and then the outside layer is added using a braided cord.  Once the outside layer is put on it then has a row of stitching about 3-4 inches down to help hold it's shape and hold it together.


Southern Cabin Broom



This is the second style of broom made from broom corn it is called a Southern Cabin Broom.  It is started the same way as a round broom is started with a layer of broom corn around the handle.  Then broom corn is added on opposite sides to make it a little wider.  Then the outside layer is again put on with a braided cord to finish it off.  Then there is three rows of stitching added to help hold it flat.  This broom was said to be developed by the slaves.

 Flat Broom or Standard Kitchen Broom


This is the final style of broom the one that we still use today, the flat broom.  It is also started with a layer of broom corn around the handle just like the round broom.  The next thing is the shoulders to make it wider.  These are somewhat similar to the Southern Cabin Broom only they are put on upside down running up the handle.  They wrapped with a few turns of wire and then folded down and wrapped by more wire.  Then the final outside layer is added to finish the broom off.

After the outside layer is put on it is then put in a broom vice and flattened and sewn with three rows of stitches to hold it in place.  The Shakers are said to be the group that developed this broom and most of the equipment used to make them.





Cobweb Chaser



This is just what it says a cobweb chaser.  Made with a single row of broom corm wrapped around the handle by braided cord.  It then has a single row of stitching to hold it together.  This is used to get up in the corners and remove the cobwebs. There are more styles of brooms on my brooms for order page they are the whisk type brooms that can easily be shipped.

Thank you for looking.